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Why Belize? Why Tourism? Why Now?

Christy Mastry, project director of the Sustainable Tourism Program, makes a compelling case for why now is a great time to invest in Belize’s tourism industry.

Why we think you should read this:

It’s one thing for us to say that the time is right for tourism investment in Belize; Ms. Mastry provides statistics and arguments that support that same conclusion. She also introduces you to the Sustainable Tourism Program – a joint project of the Belize Tourism Board and Belize’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture whose aim is to deliver tourism infrastructure improvements as well as human resource development.

Current trends in tourism growth in Belize, coupled with unrivalled natural resources and real estate opportunities, says Mastry, contribute to “exceptional growth potential” in Belize’s tourism sector.


  • Belize began 2014 with double-digit increases in arrivals, showing no signs of slowing even two months past the peak tourist season. By comparison, global growth trends were around 4%, if any.
  • Tourism represents approximately 28% of Belize’s GDP, equal to about USD $500 million annually.
  • Overnight arrivals in Belize are projected to double in the next 20 years, with tourism revenues projected to jump to USD $1.3 billion.
  • The Government of Belize continues to pledge its commitment to “entrench tourism as a top national priority,” and Belize is committed to high-value, low-impact tourism development.

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