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Investment Package

We’ve Invested in Your Investment

Developments as ambitious and innovative as the ones we’ve had designed for these Caribbean resort properties require a substantial investment of both time and money to get to the construction stage.

Fortunately, we’ve already made that investment for you.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) have already been approved for the developments described herein, and the Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) only requires final negotiation and approval.

We’ve undergone extensive planning, researching, and consulting with Belizean officials and local residents so that you don’t have to.  Water supplies have been explored. Energy sources have been investigated.  Soil and seabed testing has been commissioned. Archaeological assessments have been completed.

We’ve worked diligently with our partners at GMA International and Tunich Nah Consulting and Engineering (Belize) to develop a comprehensive plan that will benefit both the developers and the local community, while setting a new standard for sustainable development in sensitive coastal areas.

That said, you’re not committed to anything. As owner of these properties, you will have every opportunity to review and make changes to these development concepts before the final process of reviewing and signing the ECP.

Exclusive access to official land titles, documents, and full reports on the properties and their approved developments.

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The following documents have been drafted and approved for each property:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Archaeological Impact Assessment
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Land survey documents
  • Water analyses
  • Approvals for Overwater Cabañas
  • and more . . .

Please note, this is NOT an offering of individual lots/units for sale.

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