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The Lodge at Chaa Creek: A different investment mix resulted in a unique success story

Lucy Fleming, owner of the Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize’s Cayo District, tells the inspiring story of how she and her husband turned little more than 600 British pounds and a dream into one of Belize’s premiere eco-resorts.

Why we think you should read this:

As a potential investor in Casa Bay’s resort development property on Ambergris Caye and in Corozal, you’ll appreciate Lucy’s story. It’s a truly Belizean success story that parallels the growth of Belize as a nation.

Though much has changed in the 30+ years since Lucy arrived in Belize, the country still retains the frontier spirit of a place where ideas can take hold and flourish. She concludes with her advice to those considering starting their own enterprise in Belize.


  • In the late ’70s, Lucy and Mick Fleming purchased 137 acres on the Macal River in Belize. With no road, their main transport to San Ignacio was a dugout canoe.
  • In the early 1980s, as backpackers began discovering Belize, the Flemings began charging BZ$8 per night to stay at their farm. They used the money to build their first “cottage.”
  • Today, the Lodge at Chaa Creek comprises 365 acres of nature reserve, several accommodation options, a large restaurant, conference center and even an infinity pool. It employs more than 130 Belizeans and donates 10% of room revenues to environmental and social programs.

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