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Belize, Central America rediscovered

Longtime investment consultant Glen Wilson describes his own experience discovering Belize as a strategic and beneficial offshore tax haven.

Why we think you should read this:

If you’ve never invested in Belize and are considering it as an offshore tax shelter, or you’re considering investing in our Casa Bay real estate offering, we think you’ll enjoy reading one investor’s firsthand account of how he first discovered Belize as an investment destination – and why he eventually moved all of his business to Belize.


  • Wilson discovered Belize in 1996, when the International Business Company legislation was in its infancy
  • After more than 30 years working in financial services in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, Wilson decided to transfer all of his business to Belize
  • Over the years, he’s found Belizean authorities to be “sympathetic in their advice and assistance”
  • Wilson says Belize is “a jurisdiction that should be used as well as, and instead of, the traditional jurisdictions of the Caribbean”

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