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The flavors of Belize

When we think of international culinary tourism, it’s easy to conjure up the classic destinations: Tuscany for its wines and meats; India for its spicy curries; Belize for its . . . well . . . (insert sound of crickets chirping here).

Belize may not be a world famous culinary hotspot (yet!), but that doesn’t mean your tastebuds won’t be in for just as exciting a vacation as you are. The traditional flavors of Belize generally aren’t fancied up in the hopes of attracting a few elusive Michelin stars. They’re classic, enduring dishes that have stood the test of time and offer a rich, authentically Central American experience for your palate.

Start your mornings in Belize with crispy fry jacks sizzling over an open fire. Lunch on impossibly tender BBQ chicken while gazing out over the azure waters of the Caribbean. When the sun goes down, dine on pan-seared Creole fish while grooving to the rhythm of a Garifuna drum. And of course, whether morning, noon or night, the ubiquitous Belizean dish, beans and rice, will connect you to the ancient Mayans who first cultivated these crops in Belize’s rich soil.

In the cuisine of Northern Belize, you’ll find a convergence of Caribbean, Mexican and Belizean influences. Think shrimp quesadillas, Poc Chuc (a Mexican-inspired meat dish) and Mayan “jungle juice,” a refreshing cocktail comprised of local cane and coconut rums, lemon grass and freshly squeezed juices.

Belikin – Belize’s national beer

For less adventurous tipplers, and for a truly authentic Belizean beverage, you can’t go wrong with an ice-cold Belikin. Belize’s national beer, Belikin plays a central role in everyday life in Belize, from christenings to nightclubs and from lazy riverside mornings to hot Caribbean nights. An impossibly refreshing Belikin lager, one of the few beers still produced in accordance with theReinheitsgebot, or Bavarian Purity Law, is never far away in Belize.

Slightly harder to find, although definitely worth the effort, are Belikin’s seasonal brews, which include Sorel Stout, Chocolate Stout and Verano (summer) Beer. Add Belikin’s signature Lighthouse Lager and more robust Belikin Stout to the lineup, and you’ve got plenty of options for kicking back and enjoying the best Belize has to offer.

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