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A guide on Belize’s investment incentives

Leija Melanie Gideon, deputy executive director of BELTRAIDE, explores five programs designed to facilitate investment and wealth preservation in Belize.

Why we think you should read this:

This article gives another great overview of a few of the incentive programs designed to attract foreign investment in Belize. If you’re considering investing in Belize you likely already know about some of them, especially the ones that are particularly relevant to our Casa Bay holdings. Others, such as the Export Processing Zone Program, may not be as applicable to our particular real estate offering, but they nonetheless demonstrate the Belize government’s commitment to its investment clients. You should also read Belize’s Financial Services Industry.


  • Belize’s progressive development policies, pro-business climate and longtime political stability make it an ideal destination for investors
  • The Fiscal Incentives Program encourages investment through the granting of customs duty exemptions, with a key emphasis on tourism
  • The Qualified Retired Persons Program allows retirees to import their personal effects and transport into Belize free from all import duties and taxes. It also exempts them from all taxes and duties on foreign income while in Belize
  • The International Business Companies Act is designed for sophisticated international investors and enables asset protection and tax planning at competitive rates. Other benefits includes an exemption from tax on all income, dividends and interest

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