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Caribbean resort investment comparison

Why invest in Belize over other Caribbean resort development opportunities?

Without a doubt, there are other Caribbean resorts for sale and there are plenty of Caribbean real estate development opportunities on the market. So why choose Belize over other real estate investment opportunities in and around the Caribbean?

  • Natural splendor – An unspoiled gem among hyper-developed Caribbean resort destinations, Belize is prime for eco-resort development – in fact, more than half the country is still jungle!
  • Investment value – As one of the least developed paradises in the Caribbean, property in Belize is priced well below other Caribbean real estate. And with tourism on the rise, the market value of Belizean real estate is almost sure to appreciate.
  • Access to tourist markets – While travel to some other Caribbean resort developments requires multiple flights and lengthy layovers, Belize is accessible by direct flights from several North American cities, including Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles.
  • Nascent tourism industry – Tourism in Belize is in its infancy, meaning savvy investors who stake their claim in this rising Caribbean star face little domestic competition.
  • Political will – Aware of the revenues that Caribbean resort investment can generate, the Belizean government is keen to develop its nation’s tourism infrastructure and is incredibly receptive to new ideas for tourism and resort investment on its Caribbean coast.
  • Political stability – Belize is a parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster system. This peaceful Caribbean nation has no political enemies and is a member of the Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Association of Caribbean States, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and other multilateral organizations.
  • The next frontier – Travelers are always seeking fresh new destinations. Given our proximity to Mexico’s “Mayan Riviera,” any resort developed on our Caribbean-kissed property is sure to enjoy spillover from the increasingly popular “Mayan Riviera.”
  • Safety – Belize offers visitors a relatively safe slice of Caribbean paradise. Its murder rate is less than half that of more violence-prone Caribbean nations such as Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis and Trinidad & Tobago, and its lack of overly developed “tourist traps” keeps opportunistic property crime low compared to more touristy Caribbean destinations.

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