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Overview of Belize business climate and infrastructure

The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry lays out some of the characteristics that make Belize such a strategic investment destination.

Why we think you should read this:

While this article reiterates many of the policies and tax structures that make Belize such a popular destination for offshore investment, we like it because it highlights the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s commitment to attracting foreign investment. Not only are the fiscal incentives in place, but the local business community is also very welcoming of, and eager to work with, foreign investors with big ideas for development.


  • Belize is recognized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) for its implementation of the international tax standard
  • The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry regards the attraction of foreign investment as a key strategy to access capital and create employment
  • Belize’s banks are very liquid, creating opportunities to use that cash to stimulate the economy in new and creative ways
  • Belize’s many advantages from a foreign investment perspective include political stability, an educated and largely bilingual workforce and a highly attractive fiscal incentive regime

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