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The proximity of bustling Chetumal to our “Consejo” luxury golf resort property is an obvious boon to future guests and residents of the resort community. The city also represents a highly lucrative market for the property’s owners/investors.

Chetumal, just nine miles from Corozal and within easy reach of our Consejo luxury golf resort development, is the capital of Mexico’s Quintana Roo state. The state government is investing heavily in its capital, and as the city grows so does the closest and most convenient tourist market to Casa Bay’s fully approved luxury resort development.

Likewise, the Casa Bay resort property will be uniquely poised to capitalize on Chetumal’s growing middle-class residents, who are increasingly looking for accessible recreation destinations.

Why does Chetumal represent a lucrative market for our Consejo property?

Consider the following:

  • The approved development plan for our Consejo property, just 17 miles from Chetumal, includes the only world-class championship golf course within 250 kilometres of Chetumal.
  • Currently, the nearest golf course to Chetumal’s burgeoning middle class and government officials is in Tulum – more than 2.5 hours away.
  • The nearest “resort-style” destinations for business, government and weekend retreats are currently Xcalak and Majahual – each of which is also a 2.5-hour drive away.
  • Casa Bay’s Consejo property is just 17 miles from Chetumal – that’s closer than West Hollywood is to downtown Los Angeles!
  • With the introduction of the new cross-border “fast pass” between Mexico and Belize, it’s easier than ever for Chetumal’s middle class to spend their money in Belize.

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