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Belize’s tourism investment

Belize – on the road to planned development and new tourism investment opportunities

Tracy Panton, CEO of Belize’s Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture, gives a concise rundown of her country’s burgeoning tourism industry – and the investment potential it offers.

Why we think you should read this:

This article reiterates what we’ve said elsewhere about the Belize government’s commitment to promoting tourism as a key pillar of its national economy. Mrs. Panton highlights the rich natural and historical resources Belize has to offer and runs through some recent tourism stats that show the relentless growth of Belize’s tourism industry. Notably, she also lists six primary tourism products that the Government of Belize has prioritized, at least four of which are directly represented by the resorts designed for our Casa Bay property.


  • With one of the best physical products in the Western hemisphere, Belize is fast becoming a destination of choice for discerning travellers
  • The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) recognizes tourism as one of the main pillars of the Belizean economy
  • Tourism accounts for 28% of Belize’s GDP and provides one out of every four jobs. And it’s expanding dramatically, with gross tourism receipts projected to reach US$1.2 billion by 2030
  • The NSTMP provides a clear road map for tourism investment and is guiding Belize toward a low-impact, high-value tourism product

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