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Central America resort investment comparison

Why invest in Belize over other Central American resort development opportunities?

When considering Central American real estate, or even entire resort developments for sale in Central America, Belize has a number of strategic advantages. Here’s why we believe resort development property in Belize is a wise investment over other investment opportunities in Central America:

  • Strong tourism sector – Belize boasts one of the strongest tourism trends in Central America. One recent study showed Belize is the only country in Central America whose tourism numbers have risen consistently since 1998.
  • Political Stability – Belize is a parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster system. Unlike some other Central American countries, Belize has no political enemies and is a member of the Commonwealth, the United Nations and several other multilateral organizations.
  • Language – Investing in Central America can be a challenge. As Central America’s only English-speaking country, however, Belize is that much simpler to invest in. It’s also extremely attractive to North American tourists and ex-pats – and investors looking for a tourism investment in Central America!
  • Attractive taxation – Belize has no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax and no tax on offshore income. The Belizean government offers tax holidays of up to 25 years to encourage investment, and property taxes in Belize are very reasonable compared to those in other Central American countries.
  • Safety – Tourism investment in Central America is often sidetracked by tales of guns and violence whose roots generally lie elsewhere in Central America. Belize, in fact, is one of Central America’s safest countries for tourism investment.
  • Political will – Aware of the revenues that Central American resort developments can generate, the Belizean government is keen to develop its nation’s tourism infrastructure and is incredibly receptive to new ideas for tourism investment and resort development in this pristine corner of Central America.
  • The next frontier – Travelers to Central America are always seeking fresh new destinations. With tourism in Belize trending upward, any resort developed on our Casa Bay property will be well positioned to capitalize on the next wave of Central American resort development.

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