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Your Guide to Doing Business in Belize

Brian Lin, senior business and investment facilitation officer for BELTRAIDE, outlines some of the benefits of investing in business development in Belize and lists the five steps to setting up your business in Belize.

Why we think you should read this:

This article repeats some of the messages you may have read elsewhere on our site, but they’re messages that are worth repeating: Belize offers a stable, predictable market where investors can store and multiply their wealth; Belize’s government is committed to growth and to helping new businesses succeed; and the country offers a strategic gateway between Central American economies and the Caribbean community.


  • The World Bank Group reported recently that Belize has a tax rate, expressed as a percentage of business profit, that scores 14 points lower than the Latin American & Caribbean average – just 33.2%.
  • The Government of Belize is committed to fostering a sustainable, business-friendly environment that’s conducive to business growth and development.
  • The five key compliance steps to get your business up and running in Belize: registration/incorporation, trade license, business tax registration, sales tax registration and social security registration.

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