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Belize’s financial services industry

A rundown of Belizean legislation designed to facilitate foreign offshore investment. Prepared by Belize Bank International.

Why we think you should read this:

You’ve likely heard that Belize is a great destination for offshore investment, and you likely even know a bit about some of its internationally recognized tax incentive programs. This article gives a concise overview of some of the more important Belizean legislation. Several of them, such as Belize’s International Business Companies Act, are particularly relevant to our Casa Bay real estate offering. You should also read A Guide on Belize’s Investment Incentives.


  • The International Business Companies Act enables the creation of IBCs that are not subject to any Belizean taxation
  • The Belize Trusts Act offers a valuable form of asset protection and is useful in staving off attacks from greedy creditors
  • A much newer classification of entity, the Belize International Foundation, has proven to be an attractive alternative to Trusts
  • Belize law maintains an almost unparalleled respect for the privacy and confidentiality of its investment clients

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